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Popular Presets

Preset Name Version
TheViper's Hotkeys AoC/FE/HD2.0
Grid w/Defaults HD2.2-3
AoC Default AoC/FE/HD2.0
AoC Defaults HD3.0-4.3
AoE2:HD 2.2+ Default HD2.2-3
Forgotten Empires Default AoC/FE/HD2.0
Webmaster's Hotkeys AoC/FE/HD2.0
RiuT hotkeys AoC/FE/HD2.0
Grid Lefty HD2.2-3
MrAwesome HD2.2-3
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AoK has always had a hotkey editor, so why create another? The in-game editor may be convenient, but it has several shortcomings. This editor adds several features:

  • Use key bindings that the in-game editor does not allow (like Caps Lock).
  • Assign conflicting hotkeys. Allowing conflicts has been a feature available in later Age games, so backporting it to AoK would only be natural.
  • Better organization of hotkeys.
  • Web based interface that saves hotkeys with a session cookie as you edit them.
  • Supports all versions of AoK.
  • Preset bindings to choose from and customize.

Welcome to the web-based Age of Empires II (AoK) hotkey editor! This website assumes you have played AoK and are familiar with its hotkey system. If not, go check out the HD version right now! Or take a look at the excellent fan-made expansion Forgotten Empires!

Get Started

If you've used the editor before, you can pick up where you left off (requires session cookie). Alternatively pick a preset from the list on the right or upload your current hotkeys directly to the editor:


  1. Upload a your own *.hki file or choose a preset
  2. Edit your hotkey bindings directly in the browser
  3. Download the new player0.hki file
  4. Replace the file in your game directory. The file is generally located:
    • For AoK/AoC/FE:
    • For HD:
    Note that you may need to change the "0" in the file name depending on your profile setup.
  5. Start the game and enjoy!